Update 0.4.3 for BeamNG Drive

Gavril Barstow for BeamNG Drive
31 October published a global update for the game with early access BeamNG Drive. Recall that the main features of the game are the realistic behavior of cars on the road and incredibly realistic damage model with calculation of parameters for each individual element of car and details of the surrounding world. The official release has taken place so far and the game is still under development and testing, but you can buy it now, thus to participate in the testing process.

Police cars in BeamNG Drive
In the new version many changes - this fixes the behavior of the vehicles in the collision, and the updated model rolling resistance of tyres, and a large number of various minor graphical improvements and modifications (for example, improved display of car logos). The game added new variants of police cars, improved lighting of vehicles added a lot of skins for different cars, fixed shock absorbers, added a large number of new models of wheels. Also improved and refined game locations - fixed issues with reflections and lighting, added to GridMap area with hills and swamp. Also added three new script and fixed bugs in scenario Forgotten Raceway. Fixed the process of working with archives, and in external applications, as well as problems with the camera and switching cars. Also, the developers are not left unattended and the user interface - he has also been refined and improved.

Wall of blocks in BeamNG Drive
The most important and interesting features of the inclusions are: new vehicle Gavril Barstow, a large number of small supplements for other models of cars, as well as correction of critical errors "out of memory" for Windows 7 64 bit. Also added support for skins in the editor vehicles.
Be sure to download and install this update, it would significantly improve gameplay and make the game even more realistic. And if you want more vehicles and game cards, you always can download them from our website.

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 2015-11-12 10:39:24

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