"France" - new DLC for ETS 2

Good news, my dear truckers from all over Europe! SCS Software said that it's time to share with the community something that is currently under development. Now the Czech company is no longer going to work only on one project at a time, right now there are several projects under development in their secret laboratories.

The Euro Truсk Simulator 2 map team is already working on a new big DLC, really expands the content available in the game. Developers' planse include expanding that little piece of France that already exists in the game, and covering the whole country completely. And this, of course, entail some changes in existing locations (for example, full overhaul of the Paris region). The changed parts of the game world, of course, will be available in the base game, even if they have been touched by visual improvements that'll add in upcoming DLC.

So, here are a few screenshots of the updated rural part of France. This is still work in progress as you can easily see. Graphic imprivements are still under development.

Small town and big truck Somewhere near Marseille Perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the Old Europe
Let's hope that the DLC will be released as planned and on time. To be aware of the latest Euro Truсk Simulator 2 news regularly check our news feed where you will always find the latest news about our favorite game.

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 2016-02-24 06:49:45

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