Steam Workshop support for ETS 2

Steam Workshop
At the moment SCS Software are working hard on the 1.23 update for ETS 2 and 1.2 update for ATS. One of the main changes, which these updates brings to our games is the full support of Steam Workshop. Since all the SCS Software projects has always been a popular platform for custom modifications, this feature is one of the most anticipated, both developers and users.

At the moment Workshop for ETS 2 and ATS is in limited testing stage. Some testers are great modders themselves, so even during testing there are some really cool mods appeared. Here's what the Workshop page looks like at the moment:

Steam Workshop
Developers are already looking forward for the open beta, when all the community of both games (or should it be consider as the same community?) will be able to assess the current implementation of Steam Workshop support.

The ease of use of Steam Workshop is impressive: all you need to do is choose the mod, press the "Subscribe" button and the modification will automatically be downloaded, installed and appears in the Mod Manager in the game. Steam will take care of the automatic updates, if the creator of the mod will make a new version. Moreover, if you want to change the computer or reinstall the operating system, all your modifications are automatically installed along with the game, and no backups or the like needed.

Each player will be able to rate any mod, so that modification of the best quality rapidly get to the top. You will be able to sort mods by rank, popularity, or view the most recent uploaded mods for Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator.

Information for modders

In order to upload your mod, you will need to install the SCS Workshop Uploader - free Steam app created by SCS Software created just for this purpose. This is what this proigram looks like:

SCS Workshop Uploader
In addition to SCS Workshop Uploader, developers are preparing a special wiki site containing various information about the creation of modifications for ETS 2 and ATS.

SCS Modding Wiki
The goal is to create a place where all who are interested in SCS Software games modding can find all the information needed. It needs to be an ultimate resource that contains information about all aspects of the official modding tools from the SCS, their documentation and tutorials, as well as such things as tips on proper optimization of the mod to the latest game version. The Wiki will contain additional information about the ETS 2 and ATS game engine, as well as all possible configuration settings.

It may take a couple weeks to give it all in the final stage, but SCS Software atr already looking forward for all of us participating in the open beta for Steam Workshop for ETS 2 and ATS!

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 2016-03-01 03:18:11

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