Why does Fallout 4 not running?

Why does Fallout 4 not running?

Do you know what the most important difference between games for consoles and PC games? No, not the price. Their main difference is that the PC version of the game is harder to optimize, because, unlike consoles, personal computers of millions of users around the world can be very different from each other. Of course, this fact leads to huge variety of bugs and errors, because no one can foresee everything, and today we want to talk about one such bugs, namely, error, when Fallout 4 cimply doesn't run.

Actually many players has not working Fallout 4. This is, probably, due to the fact that despite it's fairly ancient engine, which can, theoretically, be run on quite low-end machines, the game contains lots of very modern technical solutions, created for high-end gaming computers. And so, what to do if your Fallout 4 simply doesn't working? The first reason for your Fallout 4 doesn't working is most likely your outdated hardware. In this case, we can only advise you to quickly update it (because the upcoming releases of 2016 is not far off!). If you are okay with your video card, and RAM, and CPU, and Fallout 4 still does not run, then we have a couple of solutions.

The most important determining factor for stable Fallout 4 playing is the presence of 8Gb of RAM from what is quite logical that your system should be 64 bit. Trying to run F4 on 32 bit Windows, just makes no sense. So immediately change your system to 64 bit, it will help you not only with Fallout 4.

Another feature of the game is that it will not run on video cards which does not support DirectX 11. But fortunately, here we have the solution! Download DXcpl from our website. You'll need it in order to force the game to think that your graphics card supports DirectX 11.

Run DXcpl and press the "Edit list" button as shown in the screenshot:

Click Edit list
After that, specify the path to the Fallout4.exe file that is in the root directory of the game:

Specify the path to the game file
Click "OK". Below the main window find the drop-down menu entitled "Feature level limit" and choose there the option "11_0". After that, all we need to do is to tick the option "Force WARP":

Finish the configuration
After that, click "Apply". All, now the game should work.

If you have not found a solution to my problem with Fallout 4 in this article, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with this article in which the description of the many game bugs. I hope that these tips served you well.

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 2016-01-14 05:42:01

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