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ID items Fallout 4
In almost any game there are certain ways to some unfair receiving in-game values. For example the well-known and understood since the days of the classic Counter-Strike games the game console, which serves to add objects and parameters into the game. No different from previous RPG games by Bethesda Softworks, Fallout 4 has a games console with the help of which you will be able to do with the game virtually all of what you want. But in this article we'll talk about getting game items through the console.

How to add items in Fallout 4? It is very easy! Press "~" to bring up the Fallout 4 game console. After that, enter the following command:

player.additem [item ID] [amount]

Instead of [item ID] enter the ID of the required object (without brackets!), and instead of [amount] we need the number of the subject (again, without brackets). That's all. Profit.

Quick note: most often you won't need to specify leading zeros in the ID (i.e. you can write 52409, instead of 00052409 to get a blood bag), but in some versions of the game it doesn't work. Just in case we specified the full IDs.

And now the fun part - choose the ID of items or commands for adding items Fallout 4. We decided not to add the full list of ID items, as it would take just too much space, so there's only the chassis and need: clothing ID, material ID, ID of the ammo, ID drugs, drug ID, and so on. For your convenience we divided the subjects into groups by grade. Just click on the spoiler to find the codes for the items of Fallout 4.

The information in this article will be constantly updated.

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