How to add my own music to Fallout 4?

How to add music to Fallout 4?
The main element that creates the atmosphere in the Fallout series 4, is the music. Easy unobtrusive jazz, became a symbol of the Fallout universe. However, many people do not really like what Bethesda Softworks did with the music in Fallout 4. But don't be despair, because the game has the ability to add your own favorite tracks and listen from directly in the game via your Pip-boy. And paste your music, creating your own radio in Fallout 4, is quite simple. In this article we will tell you how to replace music in the game.

For a start, we need the folder Sound. It should be located at the following address:

Fallout 4\Data\

Here we need to create the following path (if you don't already have):

Fallout 4\Data\Sound\fx\mus\radio\diamondcity

As the name of the last directory, we will add the music on the Diamond City radio. If you want to edit another radio, you just need to change the name of the last directory, following the rule: without spaces or capital letters. The complete list of radio stations in the game you can see here.

So, with folders all ready. However, Fallout 4 will not see them if we do not edit the file Fallout4.ini, which is located at the address:

C:\Users\[username]\Documents\My Games\Fallout4

Open the desired file with any text editor and find this line:


Editing this line we can get the game to work with any folders that we will create in the directory Data and, respectively, with the files inside. That is, initially the game works only with folder Strings. For our task we need to betray the line of the following form:

sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, SOUND\,

However, we highly suggest you make it like this:


This, in addition to adding music, let you without any problems to add any igrovi fashion, without having to edit each time the file Fallout4.ini.

Next, we need a tool converts the tracks to clear the game .xwm. Perfect program MultiXwm. If you want to add more songs than sewn into the radio station initially, you have to combine multiple tracks into one file-playlist.

Their own music must have the standard names of the songs in the game originally. If you add a track with his name, then nothing good will come of it. This, incidentally, leads to the need to add exactly the same amount of files that you already have in the game. For example, take the song "Rocket 69 by Connie Allen". You need to rename your track thus:


Repeat one more time that the file name must be without spaces and capital letters! Each radio has its own characteristics file naming. Below you will find a full list of names:

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