Survival mode in Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Survival Mode
Judging by the leak of information from Bethesda Softworks, the upcoming Survival Mode in Fallout 4 will be a real challenge even for the most experienced players. Bethesda had stated that Survival Mode of Fallout 4 will be even more severe than in the previous games of the series. Sufficient to meet the needs of the most hardcore fans. Later, a Reddit user, Shane D53, who'd dig deep in the game files, fully confirmed this information. And even more, this mode will be almost impossible to beat! But everything in order.

It's safe to say that Survival Mode in Fallout 4 is inspired by a similar mode of Obsidian Entertainment's Fallout: New Vegas and custom mods like DUST, for the same Fallout: New Vegas. Its task is to make the Wasteland far more cruel and harsh place than it was previously. Turning on the Survival Mode in Fallout 4, players will not only meet stronger enemies, it also will change almost every aspect of the game and even added new.

Wasteland is a cruel place
Despite the fact that Shane D53's post was very quickly removed from Reddit, users has time to save information. Thank them for the fact that we now have the opportunity to share it with you. You can believe this information or not, but you can clearly tell by the speed with which the Reddit administration got rid of the Shane D53's post, that this information has at least some connections with truth. So, those players who dare to activate Survival Mode in Fallout 4 needs to be prepared for the fact that their journey across the Commonwealth will be a real challenge. Here's approximately what's to expect:

  • Saves
    All the usual savegamese are disabled. To save the game you have to find a bed and sleep at least an hour.
  • Combat
    Fightings became more lethal for everyone. You will deal, but also take, more damage.
  • Fast Travel
    Fast travel is disabled. Want to get somewhere? Well, you know what it means.
  • Weighted Ammo
    Bullets and shells will have a weight depending on their caliber. Heavy objects, like fusion cores, missiles, mini-nukes will be a very heavy burden.
  • Compass
    Keep your eyes wide open, because the enemies will no longer appear on your compass. The distance at which different locations showing at your compass will be seriously reduced too.
  • Adrenaline
    Survival mode will automatically add the perk "Adrenaline", which gives you a significant damage bonus. Unlike other perks, the only way to raise the level of the "Adrenaline" is to kill. Enemies or otherwise. The higher the level of this perk, the more bonus damage. However, if you sleep more than an hour, this will reduce the level of perk.
  • Wellness
    It won't be easy to survive without proper care for your health. You will need to drink, eat and relax, to stay ready to fight. Long stay without food, water or sleep will have a negative impact on your health, the SPECIAL characteristics, will increase Fatigue (see "Fatigue" below), will reduce immunity (see "Disease" below) and, in the end, will cause you damage.
  • Fatigue
    Fatigue will work similar to radiation but instead of health will affect Action Points. The more you Fatigue, the less points of action will be available to you in a fight.
  • Sickness
    A weakened immune system and a careless attitude towards your health can easily lead to the untimely death of your character. Eating raw meat and drinking unpurified water, taking damage from infectious sources, such as ghouls or insects; or the use of dangerous chemicals will make your character vulnerable to various diseases. If you pick up any disease, an appropriate message will appear on your screen. You can view detailed information about your condition in a column "Status" in your Pip-boy.
  • Antibiotics
    Antibiotics that can be created in the Chem. Laboratory or buy. It can cure various diseases.
  • Bed Types
    The type of bed in which you sleep, determine the time you can spend asleep. Normal sleeping bag will allow you to save the game, but will not allow you to fully relax all night and get appropriate bonuses.
  • Crippled Limbs
    Broken limbs no longer be automatically healed after you exit the fight, and will remain broken, until you heal them by a Stimpack.
  • Carry Weight
    Exceding weight will decrease your endurance and agility, and also periodically cause damage to the feet and overall health.
  • Companions
    Your companions will no longer be automatically healed after being knocked out in combat. They automatically return to home if you leave them without heal.
  • Enemies and loot
    Cleared locations will be filled with new enemies and loot much slower.
Increased the difficulty of the combat
All of this information is taken not from an official source, so, of course, may not quite fit the current plans of Bethesda Softworks, however, it all looks very authentic. At least in the past, such leaks haven't been far from the truth.

At the moment we don't know the exact release date of Survival Mode. However, there is every reason to assume that this game feature will be added in the very near future - no more than two or three months.

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