Fallout 4 new update

Update 1.4
Bethesda Games Studios has released a new update for Fallout 4 that adds support for upcoming DLC, new items for crafting, as well as numerous bug fixes.

A week ago, Bethesda has released a beta patch for Fallout 4, which showed us that the official update is not far off. Today the patch is officially available for Steam users, but those who play on consoles will have to wait - the developers themselves don't know for sure how soon the update will appear on PlayStatin 4 and Xbox One.

The new 1.4 update adds native support for the upcoming Fallout 4 DLC, the first of which is scheduled for release at the and of the month. This update is called Automatron and it is the first of three announced DLC for Fallout 4 and will cost $10. To save some money you can purchase Fallout 4 Season Pass, worth $50 - it will give you access to all future DLC packs for Fallout 4, the release of which is scheduled for current year.

New signs
Below you will find a detailed list of everything that will add to the game with patch 1.4, including new content for crafting, and building settlements that illustrates how Bethesda is focusing its efforts on improving existing in the game craft mechanics:

  • Now you can build Super Mutants' meat totems, meat bags and meat carts.
  • Now you can build raider's  raider poles, cages and tents.
  • New paintings: abstract and portraits.
  • Large number of new signs.
  • More options for wood and metal doors.
Despite the fact that nothing of the sort were in the official changelog, it seems that players who use custom modifications, will provide an opportunity to monitor the mods to better understand which of them causes problems during the game.

Mod's error
Of course, such a large patch has to contain plenty of different fixes, and the full list of them you can see below:

  • Improves overall stability and perfomance of the game.
  • In the "Getting a Clue" quest on the Kellogg's table will now be working container.
  • In the "Rocket’s Red Glare" quest Fixed a bug where companions could not be dismissed after completing of the quest.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect spawn of "Kremvh’s Tooth".
  • If the player did not respond to an attack on a settlement, he will receive a detailed report.
  • Fixed bug with screen effects aren't disappearing after using the scope.
  • Fixed an error that occurs when you try to sprint with minigun in the third person view.
  • Rank 4 of  the "Demolition Expert" ability now properly increases the blast radius of explosives.
  • The "Scrounger" perk now increases the chance of encountering additional types of ammunition.
  • Fixed bug when Calvin Whitaker would disappear from the Vault 81.
  • Fixed bug when perks "Ninja" and "Sandman" gave improper damage bonuses.
  • Fixed bug with the "Grim Reaper’s Sprint" perk, in which 3 rank would not work correctly.
  • Fixed bug when the key card didn't appear in the Vault 75.
  • Fixed the quest "Airship Down" in which opponents can cease to appear.
  • Fast weapon switch while in power armor and first person view will no longer cause stucking of your Pip-boy
  • Autosaves counter will no longer restart incorrectly.
  • Fixed bug with "invisible" Pip-boy while swimming.
  • Fixed a bug with scraping a large number of similar items would accidentally scrap a legendary item.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect working of the third person after leaving the workshop.
  • Fixed bug with duplicate scraps shipments.
  • Fixed a bug where the trade menu exchanged caps incorrectly after a few trades in a row.
  • Quick saves and autosaves message will no longer get through the loading screen.
  • Xbox One: Fixed bug when installing the latest update could lead to rollback the settings to default.
  • Fixed bug where when loading a saved object placed in water, it isn't floated on the surface.
Because the update is currently only available only for Steam users, it is safe to say that the patch for consoles will be released no less than in a week. The weight of the patch on Steam is as much as 927 MB, which is good news, because the heavier the patch, the more bugs it will fix.

We will keep you up to date on the latest news of Fallout 4, so don't forget to look at our site to not to miss anything interesting. What do you think about the latest update for Fallout 4? Share your views in the comments.

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