Automatron DLC Trailer

Automatron DLC
Bethesda Softworks has shared with us the official trailer of the new update for Fallout 4, called Automatron. As we wrote in our previous article about Fallout 4 DLC, at the moment we know about three major story add-ons coming to Fallout 4. Automatron is the first of them.

In addition to new storyline, which tells about the robot invasion to the Commonwealth, the DLC comes with a brand new gameplay features. Namely: the robot constructor, which allow you to create your own cpmbat robot, combining hundreds of different parts and components. Create your own unique deadly companion, with whom you will fear no danger in the Wasteland. You'll be able to customize not only the weapons and armor of your robot, but also its color, accessories and even the voice! But that's not all! As we can see in the trailer, we expect new weapons, combat robotic limbs and more! Exciting, isn't it?

The DLC will be cost $10. It'll be available on March 22, 2016 on PlayStation 4, XBOX One and PC.

A more detailed review of the DLC will be on our website soon after the DLC's release.

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 2016-03-15 08:51:04

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