Wasteland Workshop DLC available!

Wasteland Workshop DLC
There is a new paid DLC for Fallout 4, called Wasteland Workshop recently became avaliable. It's time to tell you a little bit about all the features of new updates!

Developers, as usual, promise the earth to us, and just for some $5 on Steam. Should we believe them? Let's first look at the official trailer:

Not bad, right? At least so it seems. Bethesda always create trailers for their masterpieces with a good dose of creativity. We all love to wathc trailers. do we? But let's see what the new update adds to the game?

In addition to new contraptions for settlements and taxidermy, they said that the main feature of the new DLC is an unique opportunity to catch a variety of Wastelands inhabitants (everyone, from raiders to deathclaws), put them in cages and make deadly duels, fighting with prisoners yourself or sending your loyal settlers into the fight. You can also tame caughted creatures. All this, of course, not bad at all except for one little thing: the price of the Wasteland Workshop DLC. Think about it, does all these innovations worth the money that they ask for? If you think that yes, it does, think again. And then remember that mods for Fallout 4 does the same thing, but bigger, better and for free. Bravo Bethesda, this time you outdid yourself!

We really hope that you get this DLC through the Season Pass, and not bought it separately. Today it is all the news about Fallout 4, we continue to wait and hope that the next DLC for our favorite game will be more worth to play it.

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 2016-04-14 08:08:21

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