GAZ-66 for Farming Simulator 2013

The legendary GAZ 66 for Farming Simulator 2013. This champion old winner of many Soviet and international agricultural exhibitions simply must be in your fleet.

GAZ 66 - truck-terrain, thanks to a limited-slip rear axle differential and a high ground clearance can easily pass through any obstacles, the machine works like a Kalashnikov. Thanks to these qualities, the GAS was widely used as in the army, and rural industry to this day, although production stopped in 1996.

We have selected the best model of GAZ 66, which you can download without registering directly with our customers. Installation is intuitive and requires no special skills. Forward for harvest on a brand new GAS 66.
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GAZ 66

GAZ 66 v5.0 for Farming Simulator 2013
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 2018-08-20 11:09:05

GAZ 66

GAZ 66 for Farming Simulator 2013
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GAZ-66 for Farming Simulator 2013
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Love to ride on the road, then you definitely need to download the GAZ 66 for Farming Simulator 2013. The GAZ-66 is a truck all terrain lifting capacity 2 tons, designed for driving in difficult road conditions and off-road.
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