Female characters in Farming Simulator 2017

Women in Farming Simulator 2017
The female face of agriculture: Farming Simulator 2017 female characters.

Female characters in FS 17
The new game from Giants Software - Farming Simulator 2017 - is scheduled to release on October 25, 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. New game in the series will contain much more content than all the previous ones. There will be new vehicles and machinery, new types of livestock, plants, and access to custom modifications on consoles. Finally, the much-awaited opportunity to play a female character!

Woman farmer driving a tractor in FS 17 Woman farmer driving a harvester in FS 17
Farming Simulator community often request developers to add the ability to play a female character. It really reflects the fact that there are not only men in the agricultural industry and therefore makes the game more realistic than ever before. Users will be able to choose the character gender at the beginning of the game, at the moment of setting his (or her) clothes and appearance. The same opportunity will appear among the workers whom you hire: both women and men will offer you assistance in a wide variety of tasks that farmer meets every day.

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