How to make a lot of money in the FS17

How to make a lot of money in Farming Simulator 17
Hey farmers! This guide is basically teaching you how to quickly and easily make a profit in Farming Simulator 2017.

The first step you need to do in this simulator is to fulfill the mission that come constantly. With their help, you can get some money and unlock the achievement: "Farmers' Favorite", for which you do not need to buy cars.

Work with straw

The pick up the straw (by-product crops) is also a fact that may help you. This is not an expensive product. With this you can make a profit for the compensation of employees, but you have to make an investment. Namely Trailers for loading. The cheapest is EUROBOSS 330 T.

Work with grass

The pick up cut grass it is also a way to get some money for the maintenance of your farm, but like everyone else, has its own investments. Therefore, you need to have equipment specifically for this work. The first tractor powerful enough to pull your tools and keep the mower for grass. The most economical solution is to NOVACAT 302ED. As well as the cargo trailer, which was mentioned earlier, and optionally hileradora TOP-462 for not doing so cumbersome this work.


The ensilage is very profitable. To complete the task, you will need to purchase advanced equipment, although it can be done from the outset. processes corn silage and other crops, including grass, hay and straw. For this you need a tractor Deutz-Fahr Agrostar 6.61, which has the power needed to move, Harvester Pottinger MEX 5, and dump any seeder Amazone ED 3000-C for planting maize. To start silage us, the first thing you will need to plant a field of corn. Field corn, for further processing into the silo. For maize, we will approach the tractor of average power and, accordingly, the drill itself. Buy seed drill, sow corn field waiting for when it rises, and then we need equipment for harvesting corn for silage. The fastest way to remove corn silage - is to use the harvester KRONE BIG X1100 and header KRONE EASY COLLECT 1053. Since the processor does not have a bunker, we will need a trailer. As chaff filling the trailer, take her to the pit. Unload processed maize humus Once filled the hole, we need to properly compress it. After pressing pit level is 100% it should be covered. Cover silo. Now we just wait for the fermentation is 100% and our corn peregniet and we will silage. For the loading of the silo, we can use any loader which enough money. The finished product can be sold or used as animal feed.


Another way, perhaps, the most common for the more advanced farmers is forestry. It produces chips and logs, but for this you have to make a big investment. In order to produce the chips you should have a power saw or a conventional forklift and accordingly Sierra PT 3000, in addition you must have heizomat-hm4300. for the transport of logs, using the above listed, and then they are transported to a special dump TIMBER RUNNER with a platform Dolly EA.

Other important factors

Have a good field of treatment before harvest, as this you will increase our yield of 100%.
Always try to sell your crops when they are in great demand, because you can give twice the normal value of the product. Remember that this game-management, and in your hands this performance with the supply and demand of goods.

It all depends on the complexity, which you usually play, there are different loans, as well as the cost of labor of the workers. Therefore it is important sometimes to serve in his own household.

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