Red Dead Redemption 2: the amulet and the talism

Red Dead Redemption 2: the amulet and the talisman

To make a amulet in Red Dead Redemption 2, you need items from the hides of the legendary animals. As soon as you get everything you need, be sure to visit the fence of things, which deals with the creation of amulets in the RDR 2. But remember that he will have to pay. After you meet with this character, it is automatically in your inventory to add the amulet. The question of how to wear it will disappear by itself, because it to do.

Red Dead Redemption 2: the amulet and the talisman

How to make a mascot for Red Dead Redemption 2

Unlike the making of amulets, talismans to make much more difficult, as there will need additional items. But you will also work with the buyers. Mechanical feature of the mascots does not differ from the amulets, they give a bonus, just being in your bag. After you complete the first Chapter, you will be able to collect items. In other matters, the differences between talismans and amulets there.

All talismans and amulets Red Dead Redemption 2

Talismans and amulets for health:
  • The horn of elk can increase the experience earned by 10%.
  • Horn tatanka can reduce the damage by 10%.
  • The bear's paw is able to reduce the loss of points.
Talismans and amulets for endurance:
  • Fang Cougars are able to increase experience by 10%.
  • The paw of the lion, also helps to increase the experience and summing-UPS.
  • The horn of a Buffalo is able to reduce the power consumption of endurance.
Red Dead Redemption 2: the amulet and the talisman
Talismans and amulets for the dead eye:
  • The Panther's eyes is able to reduce consumption included the effect of a good eye, is valid only for 3 seconds.
  • The tooth of a crocodile. Its essence lies in the same, which gives the Panther's eyes, only the action is more than 3 seconds.
  • Fang of coyote is able to help the main character to experience a 10% increase.
Talismans and amulets for crafting:
  • Horn sheep helps you to gather a large number of herbs.
  • The horn of a pronghorn will help you to take care of animal carcasses, which you carry on your horse.
  • Horn deer can help you in getting the best skins.
Talismans and amulets for weapons:
  • The beaver will help you and will slow down the durability of your weapon by 10%.
  • Raven operates in the same way, only the bonus is already becoming 20%.
Red Dead Redemption 2: the amulet and the talisman
If we consider the total number of amulets, Morgan physically could never get them all to wear. Thus it will be like a Gypsy than a cowboy. Don't forget that amulet you have to pay, so prepare in advance money. By the way take note that the extraction with the legendary animals you will not lose.

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