Scandal in SpinTires

Breaking news was struck by the SpinTires community around the world. Just recently, players have started to face strange chrashes, during play in SpinTires multyplayer mode. The game starts normally, but when loading the multiplayer it would crash within a few minutes. After Oove Games did not respond to players' avalche of angry messages, who have literally exploded everything that could be explode, the gaming community itself is beginning to look for a solution to this problem.

Of course, soon the problem was solved. One of the players wrote their own hotfix and uploaded it on the official SpinTires forum. Judging by the positive comments, the fix would work just fine, but that's not the point.

Pavel Zagrebelny
There is a large number of quite well-versed in programming players among the SpinTires' community. And among them emerged the view that the game was "broken" on purpose. For what? It's hard to say. However, some Steam users claim that allegedly Pavel Zagrebelny (main author and developer of the game) or someone else with access to the game development, specially broke the exe file of SpinTires to force players to download a patch or fix from a third-party resource. What is the purpose of all this cunning operation, and how it could be carried out - the users don't specify.

Other users claim that if Pavel Zagrebelny has done something like that, his career as a game developer would be finally and irrevocably over, as any company of the industry will place him to the black list.

However, let's move away from speculation. In any case, at the moment Oove Games along with Pavel Zagrebelny all struggling to resolve this problem (at least we hope so) and soon we will again have the opportunity to enjoy excellent gameplay of SpinTires.

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 2016-02-29 09:28:11

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