Where's the editor, Oove?

Where is the editor, Oove?
Remember when was the last SpinTires update? If not, we will remind that in November. 2 months - not so much, but enough for impatient gaming community to had all plagued in anticipation of new possibilities in their favorite game. And especially such possibilities. Yes, we are talking about already promised official map editor. With official support, integration into the Steam Workshop and other fantastic things. The good news is that community managers Oove Games has finally shared some information about the editor. Yes, it is in development. Yes, they are already close to completion. And Yes, it could be released right now, but... Bugs. Hundreds, thousands of bugs, errors and crashs. That's why the developers do not want yet to officially launch the map editor.

Of course, many players would say "Yeah we don't care, release it!" But the developers don't share that view. They absolutely do not want to see their own forum raging about the hundreds of bugs and errors, like a clogged sewer. True, especially when you consider the fact that most of these bugs are already known, and so, as an arbitrarily large community of ordinary players will never replace a team of experienced testers who already work on the edito. The developers are simply not ready to take on this.

But instead of the map editor, Oove were pleased with the editor truck, and quite a long time, you've probably already seen it. This, of course, not so Curto, but also not very bad. Given the integration of the game with Steam Workshop and the existing community of modders is very straight-arm that can really bring the game to a new level. By the way, not so long ago we even made a guide on creating your own truck in SpinTires Editor, you are welcome to read.

We waited too long!
In General this is still all we can to make you happy about the map editor for SpinTires. There is every reason to assume that it will be released soon. Our research Department evaluates the maximum time to wait another two months. So please be patient, it still is useful.

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 2016-01-15 03:41:46

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