SpinTires today

We easily can say that the release of SpinTires 13th June 2014 was a sensation in off-road games. It was a real discovery for hundreds of thousands of players. Since the game is in development. Developers regularly release patches and updates, and the community, in turn, produces hundreds and hundreds of mods that increase the fleet available in the game.

Let's try to look at the game today. What the players think about Spintires now? Most, of course, still speak about it quite positively. However, not all. Some players, contrary to the opinion of others, indicate that today the game has lost much of its hardcore, apparently, in favor of more mass audience. According to them, some of the things that before was a real test even for experienced fans of auto simulators, have now become "too easy". Almost all maps can go up and down, using automatic transmission and not using an AWD. Some of the most difficult to pass places were changed: were slightly smoothed elevation, replanted trees, and so on.

Reviews about SpinTires
However, these same players recognize that for a person that is not a master of off-road simulators, SpinTires remains, perhaps, the best choice in the genre. Many players also complain about the small number of changes in the game, calling the game not an off-road simulator, but the simulator waiting for the updates. That, however, is highly controversial, because the developers obviously rather bet on a wide scope for modifications than a regular faceless pack.

However, most of the reviews about the game are still positive. And if you care about the opinions of some fringe or not, it is up to you.

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