Spin Tires november update

ZIL in Spin Tires
Good day, dear friends! The team OOVEE pleases us very good news - the new update for the game Spin Tires. Recall that the game is a simulator of off-road with the free world. Key features this is a highly detailed car mechanics and physics of their interaction with the surrounding world. The fleet in the official release of Soviet off-road vehicles, such as ZIL, MAZ, KAMAZ, etc. the game Also contains a variety of realistic game locations. The main objective in the game is the transportation of wood, but it is not necessary and from the first minutes the player can do anything. For example, to scout the area.

Using crane in Spin Tires
The update includes quite a few fixes and additions. Fixed bugs with visual effects display of water and soil, improve the shortcomings in the behavior of some cars, changed some parts of game cards (in particular, the position MAZ on the volcanic map), added a small graphical improvements, improved mechanics of the shift lever, removed the jerking when changing gear from front to rear and back, fixed some localization errors. Also added new sounds (for example, associated with the volcano), optimized control of the truck, the extra weight of the stones and hard rocks, fixed issues backward compatibility for mods and minor tweaks of the user interface and the camera (breaking through the earth). Improved system of blocking of differential and fixed with the rotation of the crane. But the most important addition in the game is the new model KAMAZ 65111/65115.

The mud in Spin Tires
In General, the game has become more stable and more comfortable, the errors appear less and becomes less insignificant, as the game becomes more interesting by adding new machines and functions. You can download the update for the purchased version of the game or to purchase a license to have been updated. If you are a fan of this game, don't miss this update! In addition, you can diversify gameplay by downloading and installing additional mods from our website.

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 2015-11-12 07:29:42

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