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Good day, friends! Today we'll reveal some details regarding the release of the new American Truck Simulator. The game was developed by SCS Software and it will be a continuation of the line of driving simulators, the latest of which is Euro Truck Simulator 2. This time the game will be transported to the wide open spaces of America. The game will be available to new trucks, improved graphics component. Anticipated release of first quarter 2016.

The news touched a new system for truck Parking - it is supposed to make it more complex and variable, as well as close to real conditions. First, the developers want to add such detail as the stop in front of the entrance gate. This point is intended to emulate a real dialogue with the dispatcher or security guard, which occurs upon delivery of the goods - the driver asks where best to place just delivered the goods. The choice we will be offered several options of varying complexity. This is intended to diversify the gameplay, and the developers hope that this system will be much more interesting that what is in ETS 2. The option is still under development, initial testing is conducted. The user interface is also being improved, but we still have the opportunity to see his prototype.

Interface in American Truck Simulator
As we said earlier - the Parking modes will be different and you can choose from several different difficulty options. While only open three is usual to leave the goods without maneuvering, easy Parking and a complex variant (that really would like to have a customer). And space for Parking will vary and be adjusted based on availability of space. From the chosen method will depend on the amount received by experience. Maybe someone not like too frequent appearance of additional dialogs that can disrupt the process of the game. Especially for developers that promise to provide a special option of selecting the default (for example, always choose the most difficult way of Parking).

Parking in American Truck Simulator
The company also promises to SCS pay close attention to player feedback about the new options and, in the case of positive feedback over time to add a new option in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

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 2015-11-19 06:57:21

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