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American Truck Simulator adds шт the game a wide range of trailers of increased length, in addition to what is already in Euro Truck Simulator. The extended trailer will make sweat even experienced virtual truckers, when you have to maneuver among the traffic, the narrow streets and on commercial bases.

American Truck Simulator - comparison of the length of the trailer
Look at the screenshot and compare the two trucks. It is obvious that the top driver of the truck will face serious problems when manoeuvring in tight traffic or on a narrow turn. On this truck you often have to choose a way around cities, even though it will be much longer than that to avoid narrow trails, and an abundance of traffic and, thereby, to minimize the cargo damage. Even the same commodity base, which seemed very convenient on a standard truck will be a real nightmare when you carry a truck of 16 meters long.

American Truck Simulator
The location of the pivot point of the trailer will also be a very unfamiliar for players used to a different location in Euro Truck Simulator 2. Also, in the US more common tandem even more complex schemes.

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 2015-11-11 10:27:02

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