How to build a settlement in Fallout 4?

How to build a house in Fallout 4
With the release of Fallout 4 there's possibilities has been add into the game universe. The possibilities that has never been seen in the world of Fallout. Namely, the construction of settlements, houses, castles and everything. Such functionality ahs already existed in TES 5: Skyrim, with the release of the official add-on Heartfire. However, it was in a very embryonic stage and did not bring nearly the pleasure that can be obtained from the construction in Fallout 4. If you have absolutely no idea how to build a settelment in Fallout 4, then this article is definitely what you need. The tips outlined here will help you to build a good and beautiful house and tell you how to build a shelter from all adversity, which Commonwealth is famous for.

So where to start, you ask? How to build a base in Fallout 4? It's very simple. First of all you need a place to build. This shouldn't be a problem: just do your missions for Preston Garvey, and help Minutemens to reclaim the land from supermutants, raiders and Gunners. The more you help the people of Commonwealth, the more settlements and farms will go under your hand and the more outposts you own will be able to build.

Bed installation
The second indispensable component for the construction is resources. This can be tricky. Resources are extracted from a variety of stuff you can find everywhere in the Commonwealth. The first thing that should be taken care of is clearing the settlements territory. Just enter the build mode (hold "V", by default, or use the workshop) and scrap all that is highlighted in yellow. What is highlighted in green (like tables, chairs, cabinets) also can be scraped, but you also can use it as a interior for your buildings. This way you will be able to obtain basic resources (steel, wood, concrete some of the more complex resources, like ceramic, springs, rubber and other things), which should be quite enough for a start. Also, these simple steps will free tons of space that can be used for construction.

Everything is handy

But what to do when all the trash in the settlements will end? There is not many options. The most obvious one is to periodically do a search raids in the Commonwealth. Take only the most necessary things to save the maximum space for trash, and collect everything that comes to hand. It is especially important to collect a variety of techniques - scrap materials of it will help you to upgrade your weapons (especially when pumped perk "Science!", "Gun Nut" and "Armorer"). This method is very dreary, but at a certain point will become your only resource source.

Electricity is the basis of prosperity in the construction of home Fallout 4
Also, you can pump the perk "Local Leader" in a branch of Charisma. The first level of this ability will allow you to lay supply lines between your settlements. With their help, your settlement will be able to share resources, food and water. Just walk up to an unoccupied settler, while in build mode, press "Q" and select a settlement, in which he will go. Very useful when you need to quickly build up new settlement: just connect it to the supply line from your most developed and richest city, and you will have many resources for construction.

The second level of "Local Leader" perk will allow you to set the trays of dealers in your cities and outposts that will provide you with a regular flow of caps. For caps you will be able to buy some missing resources from traders.

This is the house, that Vault dweller build

A human being is spoiled. He loves the comfort, satiety and security. And you will achieve all of this, don't you? Let's talk a little about what should be built in your settlements. First of all it beds. Each bed, sleeping bag or mattress, located in the settlement, increases the maximum number of settlers in your city. However, the population will not increase, if you won't provide settlers with food and water. Food can be grown on the ground (for this you will need plants: corn, tato, pumpkin, etc.). Water settlement provide water pumps, or special water systems. Water pumps give a little water but require no electrical power for maintenance. Water systems give much more, but they need a generator and water source (river or lake).

Safety of your home in Fallout 4 first
The more food and water in your town, the greater the likelihood that it will become a target for raiders or supermutants. To protect your people you will need to provide a good protection of your settlements. To do this, you can build sentry guns, set up traps or disguise for the gunners. All turrets, except the first one, require electricity to work, so you will need a sufficient number of generators. The shelter will be completely useless, if you do not assign them to settlers. When a protection index of your settlement will be higher than the index of food and water, attacks on the settlement will stop.

Here, by the way, you will find very handy perk "Science!". Thanks to it, you will be able to build more powerful generators, more deadly turrets and more efficient water systems.

These are all basic building tips Fallout 4. Further all depends only on your imagination and hard work. Remember: the happiness and well-being of your people depends only on you . Do not fail them!

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