Where is the X-01 armor in Fallout 4?

Where to find X-01 in Fallout 4?
Power armor X-01, this is without doubt the best defense, which you can find on open spaces of the Commonwealth. If you are not new to the world of Fallout, you will undoubtedly notice a striking similarity of the armor with the Enclave power armor from Fallout 3 and Fallout 2. And probably not in vain. But it is not so important. We know why you came to this page - you want to know where the power armor X-01 is. Well,we must say thet it is completely useless to finding it if you have not reached at least level 28. And even if you do so, it will be hard to obtain it. The chance of occurrence of X-01 depends solely on the player's level, so even if you searched all the places spawn armor not having level 28, X-01 you will not find it, instead it will receive the armor model T-60 or below. Also, your level determines what level the armor will be found by you.

Here are some places to find armor with very high probability. In these locations, you can find a few items, and a whole set of armor X-01:

Power armor X-01 in National Guard Training Yard
So. The first location, where we can find parts of armor is a coveted National Guard Training Yard. There is another location-bunker, called the Warehouse of the National Guard, where you can find the four pieces of the armor set X-01 (housing, other parts - random). Also, just to the North-West of the Warehouse of the National Guard are a few containers, one with no walls. In it is a full set of armor. Again, having, for example, 40 level, you with a probability of almost 100% will find a full set of power armor X-01 of the third level.

Power armor X-01 in a South Boston Military Checkpoint
Another complete set of armor can be found on the street near a South Boston Military Checkpoint. The obstacle here will serve as a locked terminal with the level of "Difficult", so take nick Valentine, if you have not pumped skill of hacking.

Power armor X-01 in the Court 35
Finally, one set of armor is in the building "the Court 35", just West of the location of the "Customs tower". Go inside the Elevator and rise to the roof. The closet where the armor is opened by pressing two buttons, which is guarded by a robot security guard and STARMETRO. Prepare for battle - the reward is worth it.

Power armor X-01 in the quest The Big Dig
Another set of armor, under the protection of king Bolotnikov, can be found behind one of the walls, in the quest dig site.

By the way, you can download full map of Fallout 4 in HD quality from our website.

Now you know where to get power armor X-01, good luck in the wasteland!

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