How to charge power armor in Fallout 4

How to charge power armor in Fallout 4
Power armor is literally the face of the Fallout universe. The embodiment of strength and power of the pre-war technology, almost absolute protection, giving a huge advantage to anyone who can get it out. Developers of Fallout 4 turned using power armor in a whole new element of gameplay. Now wearing power armor, you really feel that you wear not just some little thing from your inventory, but a real combat exoskeleton, elevating you over almost any opponent.

Power armor in Fallout 4
Guys from Bethesda Softworks have added some restrictions on the wearing power armor. In Fallout 4, it does not require special abilities, like in Fallout 3, and it pretty easy to find it, unlike what we see in Fallout 2 or Fallout 1, but it uses fusion cores now. Yes, if you don't have enough of these little beauties, your power armor will quickly come into disrepair, becoming just impressive, but useless pile of metal. You can monitor the level of charge of the fusion core by the little dial on the left when using power armor. That is the answer to the question: "How to charge power armor?" It is fusion cores you have to constantly look for, in order to travel in your armored suit.

Where you can find these things? The easiest way to get them is to buy. For example, they sold by Arturo Rodriguez, in Diamond-city. However, their price (about 300-500 caps) can be a real problem, especially in the early stages of the game. However, there is a small trick: sell almost exhausted, but still working fusion core (will be released around 200 caps). This will help you to buy new one.

Fusion core in Fallout 4
Often fusion cores can be found in buildings and various institutions throughout the Commonwealth. They are in still working pre-war generators, which are often located in the basements of buildings. Also, fusion cores can found in the former military complexes, outposts, radio towers and other military structures. Don't scorn to search every inch - it will definitely pay off. The author of the article, for example, once found as many as 25 fusion cores in an ordinary box, after stripping another den of raiders. Alas, I don't remember exactly where it was. The chance of occurrence of a fusion core in the boxes is completely random and depends on your perks.

Here are a few places where you are sure to find at least one fusion core:

  • The cave under the gas station where you first met Dogmeat. You can find the exact location of the cave after studying the information on the terminal in the back room of the gas station.
  • You can rob traider's home in Diamond-city. It will bring you from 5 to 9 fusion cores.
  • In the Robotics disposal ground, which lies North-East of the Sanctuary Hills. Fusion core is in a military container next to the robot (don't worry, he is deactivated).
  • The "North star" Ship, located on the peninsula south of the Castle. The fusion core is in the generator in the bow of the ship. You don't need to go upward, just go inside through the broken ship boarding.
  • 4 fusion cores can be found in the back of a truck, near the Weston water treatment plant.
  • You can become the proud owner of 4 free fusion cores in Vault 81. When enter the Vault you will be asked to give 3 fusion cores (you can enter for free if your "Charisma" skill is quite high), but the loss is easy to compensate. First, complete the mission by girl looking for an escaped cat. The cat will be very close to the Vault entrance, but the reward will be 1 fusion core. Further, in an abandoned part of the Vault, near the room in which Curie is locked, there's a locked door with a "hard" terminal. You can open it using the key, which is located at the end of the floor. Behind the terminal, in the room with the box, you will find 3 fusion cores.
  • Generator with fusion core is in the basement of the Castle.
Power armor - the guarantee of victory in battle
Of course, these are only a few places where you can find fusion cores. There is still dozens of them, so you are unlikely to feel the lack of fusion cores, especially after 15-20 level. Most importantly, remember that active actions in power armor faster consume the fusion core's charge. Jump and use the boost only when necessary. Just take it slow and steady. Also, a significant amount of the fusione core's charge is consumed when fired in V. A. T. S.

There are a couple of ways to lower the consumption of fusione cores to your armor. You can find pip-boy bubblehead "Repair", which adds +10% at the time of the operation of nuclear units. Also, when installing the armor on a proper modification of the nuclear blocks will drop even more.

Now you know how to charge your power armor and not be left without energy in the middle of combat. Use this knowledge wisely.

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