What to pump in Fallout 4?

Skills in Fallout 4
Good day, friends! Today we will talk about this important aspect of any role-playing game like character leveling and the distribution of skills. So what to pump in Fallout 4? The skill system in the game is implemented on the basis of an already familiar system S.P.E.C.I.A.L and includes such features as strength, perception, endurance, charisma, intelligence, agility and luck. At the initial stage of the game you are given 21 points for the distribution of skills, and all the characteristics set at the value 1. This special skills will depend on what perks you will be able to learn with the achievement of new levels.

To determine what skills are available for leveling for certain values of characteristics of the character is very easy - just look at the columns and rows of the table perks. Than below to be a perk, the more high value skills for it to do. To determine what perks to swing, study this table and decide what type of character you want to play and that he should be able best. If you want to play for the unmatched sniper, you should pay attention to skills that are tied to perception and agility. The power will undoubtedly be useful for hand-to-hand war or a good builder. Skills intelligence provide a fast training. Each player chooses what to pump in special, but we can offer some ready-made options for the distribution of initial characteristics.

The special system in Fallout 4
A good sniper or just a fighter at long range:
  • Power - 2
  • Perception - 9
  • Endurance - 3
  • Charisma - 3
  • Intellect - 4
  • Agility - 4
  • Luck - 4
Smart character:
  • Power - 2
  • Perception - 3
  • Endurance - 5
  • Charisma - 5
  • Intelligence - 9
  • Agility - 1
  • Luck - 3
Builder and Crafter:
  • Power - 6
  • Perception - 1
  • Endurance - 1
  • Charisma - 6
  • Intelligence - 5
  • Agility - 1
  • Luck - 8
You should pay attention that the game has a variety of opportunities to improve special characteristics, such as pip boy bobbleheads or books that don't usefull with highest value skills. So we recommend when deciding what skills to pump do not install features on high, and leave at 8-9, to be able to get them in the future for free.

Perks in Fallout 4
If we consider the question of which is the ability to pump in Fallout 4, it is worth noting here some very interesting perks that are worth paying attention to. Major League is a very important perk for the melee - it allows you to get +20% power to your attack for every skill level. As always, life skills are Strength and Durability - they allow you to pump damage resistance and increase health. And it is also very important when using the weapon at close range. One of the interesting skills there is Cannibalism - you can restore health by eating human flesh and the flesh of mutants, and there is a skill Solar battery being in the sun you restore health and strength. Small arms are a very important Expert on the carbines, Sniper and Heavy fire.

Strong ridge in Fallout 4
What other skills is pumped in the game? You should pay attention to the perks of Talking with Heath and the Local leader - they will allow you to better interact with game characters and even to influence them. Perks Science and a Fanatic of weapons is very important for modifications. Hacker skill will allow you to crack the terminals in the game and set your own Central computer in the settlement. Also useful skills will be a Ninja and Spy, if you want to play an invisible character and Critical damage, Bloodbath and Death are on the rise, if your character relies mostly on luck.

Overall the skill system is very diverse and interesting, and virtually any combination allows you to develop interesting and unique playable character. You can always try each of them using cheats all the perks and all the skills from our site. The decision of what to pump and what not is always yours, but we told you about the most important aspects of the game and now it will be much easier to accept. A good game for you friends and good luck in the wasteland!

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