If you've lost your dog in Fallout 4

Missing Dogmeat in Fallout 4
One of the most interesting elements of gameplay in Fallout 4 are the companions. They are very diverse, each has a unique character and unique abilities. With most of them you can even have a romantic relationship, and regardless of character or companion gender. And some (for example Dogmeat or Piper) has already become real mascots in the community of Fallout 4. Sometimes, however, companions may experience some problems.

What to do if you have lost Dogmeat?
Many players, for example, complain that they have lost their Dogmeat. Vociferous cries of "Where is the Dogmeat in Fallout 4?!", "How to find a Dogmeat?" or even more trivial, "Dogmeat runs away" is increasingly heard at the thematic forums and Steam communities. On this page you can easily find the answer to the question: where is the Dogmeat?

The solution to the problem or how to get back Dogmeat in Fallout 4

Dogmeat has found!
So, we've lost Dogmeat. What to do? First of all let's find out the circumstances under which it occurred. Most of us have to hear about that a player lost his Dogmeat, when he just forget in which of his sattlemtnts he sent Dogmeat after taking new companion. There can be advised to search properly all their settlements on the subject of a lost animal. Dogmeat usually loves to relax in the dog house - so go check it out first. If you are absolutely not going to ransack all your settlements in search of a lost Dogmeat (especially if you, like me, already have more than a dozen), you can use a not very honest way.

Open Fallout 4 game console by pressing "~" and type the command "player.moveto 0001d162" - it teleports you immediately to the missing dog.

Similar problems with other companions

What to do if you have lost Piper
Of course, the player's problems are not limited only to those that they had lost Dogmeat. I, for example, once lost my Piper, when replace she with Curie. I sent her to the Castle, but she hadn't arrived to the place. Of course, I searched all my settlements, waiting for her in the evenings, peering into the ruins slowly covered by mist, standing on the Castle wall. But she never appeared. She must had offended - I decided, and give up. But very soon it turned out that Piper was in the Nick Valentine's office, because according to the game script she was supposed to participate in a story cut-scene. As you can see, everything was very simple. Here's the answer to the question "how to find a dog?" or any other missing companion. Just be smart and patience. However, if you don't have either of this, specifically in this case we have prepared for you a similar console command for all companions in the game:

  • Missing Cogsworth: player.moveto 0001ca7d
  • Lost Deacon: player.moveto 00045ac9
  • If you can't find Macgrady: player.moveto 0000313b
  • Missing Paladin Dance: player.moveto 0005de4d
  • can't find Piper: player.moveto 00002f1f
  • Missing Strong: player.moveto 0003f2bb
  • Lost Nick Valentine: player.moveto 00002f25
  • If you can't find Kate: player.moveto 00079305
  • Missing Curie: player.moveto 00102249
  • Missing X6-88: player.moveto 000E210A
  • Lost Hancock: player.moveto 00022615
I hope this will help you not to lose interest in the game and spend many exciting hours on an inhospitable, but beautiful wastelands of the Commonwealth. On our site you can always find the latest guides and tips for Fallout 4. And we are always ready to solve any of your game problems. Just contact us and we will rock all the Commonwealth, but will find a solution to your problem. Stay tuned to us and good luck in the Wasteland!

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