Invisible lock in Fallout 4 - the solution

Invisible lock in Fallout 4 - the solution
Many players who have square monitors and monitors with aspect ratio 21:9 seen this bug with the lock. When lockpicking the game isn't displayed snips and a screwdriver, while you can still rotate and do all of the usual steps with the lock itself. This is quite baffled, isn't it? How to get rid of it? How to open a doors and a chests which affords the desired stimulants, ammunition and drugs? We also did a Fallout 4 test run on a square monitor, which was found somewhere in the depths of our warehouse and waht do you think? We had faced a similar problem too! The lock is not displayed! So what we've tried to fix this invisible lock. But after a number of fruitless attempts, we achieved the disappearance of this bug when the game doesn't show the lock.

Can't see the lock? There's a solution!
So, what to do if making a lockpicking you can't see a hairpin and a screwdriver? Here's a solution. And even not one but two:

We will continue to monitor the emergence of new solutions for all new bugs in Fallout 4 and promptly add them to our website. If you are facing any problem then feel free to seek the advice of our moderators or to leave the topic on the form. Good luck in the Wasteland!

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 2015-12-16 08:43:50

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