What to do in Fallout 4

What to do in Fallout 4?
So it finally came. One of the most anticipated games of recent years, another creation of the famous Bethesda Softworks, the next part of the post-apocalyptic world-famous epic is now available for purchase! This time we are to meet a deadly wasteland of the Commonwealth, located on the site of modern Boston. Like the previous Bethesda's masterpieces, Fallout 4, this is an RPG in an open world. But what can you do in Fallout 4, you ask? Now let us examine everything in order.

Story and side quests

Story and side missions
Of course, the game has a plot. We'll try to do without spoilers, so let's just say that the main character will being seek his abducted child. Doing the quests, you will have to help the people of Commonwealth and wherever you wind up, you will be in demand everywhere. You have to defend the settlements against raiders and supermutants, to make punitive raids and clean up the wastelands from the various evil that has accumulated in its darkest corners. Well, or just to eliminate anyone who cross your path. Everything depends on you. Because here you lack of responsibilities, and pre-war morality; for two hundred years as turned into radioactive dust, should, in fact, "help your neighbor"? Anyway, we assure you that simply following the plot will keep you entertained for a long time and will give you many hours of exciting gameplay.

But any story, even extremely long and intricate, ever ends. What to do after the passage of Fallout 4? Keep reading to find out about other features of Fallout 4.

Random events

Random events
Traveling around the world Fallout 4, you will be frequently encountered with a variety of characters. They can be hostile, and Vice versa. However, nothing prevents you to kill is quite a peaceful caravan trade and make good profit while looting its cargo. Of course, random encounters do not stop there. If, walking through the ruins, you'll hear distant sounds of gunfire and explosions, know that it's not just a scripted game sounds - somewhere not far away there is a fight. Maybe you should go and check? For example, you often will be able to see the Arrows of the super mutants attacking the base or as a guard of the caravan reflects the RAID of the raiders. You can help any of the parties or just wait until the enemies kill each other, to finish off the survivors, and seamlessly assemble all of the value remaining on the battlefield.

Here you will be able to Express the nature of your character. If you play such a noble knight, punishing the guilty and saving the innocent, then the flag in your hands - you can carry your truth in the Wasteland as much as you want. Moreover, in Fallout 4 for this and the appropriate fraction is - a Man. But what could be nicer than from a safe distance to watch as the fighting force of the brotherhood of Steel is dealing with a barricaded in the ruined settlement of super mutants? Perhaps, only to Rob the corpses left after the battle. And if someone will object, your gun will quickly build a strong line of counter-arguments. Not only find yourself between two fires! If both opponents are hostile to you, then you obviously do not pay.

Such random encounters with something vaguely reminiscent of Fallout 2, which was such an integral part of gameplay. How nice, sometimes, to remember the past!

Exploring of the world

Exploring of the world
The world of Fallout 4, is not just a beautifully drawn scenery. This is a huge theatre stage, where the inquisitive gaze of the spectator can see the echoes of the tragedy that occurred 200 years ago. An abandoned house, where you can see the skeletons of people, who met his death hundreds of years ago, and for the environment to guess what could happen. If you certainly have enough imagination. More specific information can be read on the terminals with pre-war records or catch a glimpse of the people inhabiting the wasteland today. The history of small and big tragedies scattered throughout the Commonwealth. You only need to be careful enough to find them.

But the most interesting is the study of shelters. In each of them, if you are careful enough, you can learn very interesting story is shocking in its inhumanity activities of the company Vault Tec. However, equally interesting will study other interesting places of the Commonwealth. Factories, military bases, homes and institutions - anywhere you will be able to find the nuggets of history the fall of a once great civilization. After all, what is the Wasteland, not as a monument to human stupidity?


For the first time in the history of the series you no longer have to be a lonely wanderer, the restless wandering from one island of civilization to another. In Fallout 4 you have the opportunity to build their own city. And even more - the whole state! Unite under its flag all the beggars scattered farms and settlements, collect resources, spend supply lines, engage them and turn each one into a fortress, the bulwark of law and order! Your personal army to patrol the roads, clearing the Commonwealth from mutants and raiders, and your city will become a Mecca for traders from all nearby territories, adding to your pockets so many caps that even the mayor of diamond city will seem a poor pleb compared to you.

Construction in Fallout 4 can captivate so much that you will forget about everything else. What sort of quests? Wait kidnapped our baby! I had three farms, where there is no generator and normal lighting!


Game modifications, this is perhaps the main feature of all the games on the Creative Engine. Remember how many great mods for Skyrim, Oblivion or Fallout New Vegas? So far, unfortunately, mods for Fallout 4 can not boast the same variety and quality. Developers so far are not particularly willing to meet the needs of modders. But this, of course, not for long. And while there are so many good mods that optimize the gameplay or adding new elements easy. Experimenting with game modes also bring you a lot of pleasant moments, especially because not everyone agrees with the vision of the game Bethesda Softworks.

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