How to the display resolution in Fallout 4

How to change the display resolution Fallout 4
Any PC game is very technically different from the same game, but on consoles. There are many factors, and in particular, it is possibility to change the display resolution of the game. You may want to do a full screen or play in window mode. In addition, the resolution strongly depends on what monitor you're using. On many monitors, the screen resolution is 1280x1024 doesn't fit, and others use a resolution of 4:3, and so on and so forth. Console carry out all these operations with different types of monitors or TV's automatically so the user doesn't have to do it, while on the PC version with all that will fall upon you. However, there's nothing difficult.

So, how do you change the resolution in Fallout 4? If you have any resolution problems, for example you can't do full screen, what to do? If you go to the game settings (those that can be opened after the startup of .exe file of the game), then you probably noticed that there is missing count as change the screen resolution or even just to make the game full screen. The screen resolution, and switching from window mode to fullscreen and back, are in the file Fallout4Launcher.exe.

Changing the display resolution in Fallout4Launcher.exe
Opening the specified file, click the Settings (Options) after that window opens, you can change the resolution in which to run the game. Select it in accordance with the parameters vassago computer and monitor. For example, if you monitor is in 16:9 format, when you try to run games at the resolution of 4:3, your monitor will shut off and show a label like "non-Optimal screen resolution", and this, in turn, can lead to problems with video card drivers. Also, the higher the screen resolution, the more resources it will consume the game - so if you do not want to "enjoy" the magnificent 15 fps on my weak machine, I suggest you first lower the resolution of the screen, and only after that to cut the schedule.

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