How to buy a field in Farming Simulator 2017?

How to buy a field in Farming Simulator 2017
Probably many players wonder in beginning of game on how to buy fields in Farming Simulator 2017. Actually here there is nothing difficult and in this article we describe in detail. Plus telling about how you can save money on purchase of ground.

In the Farming Simulator 2015 player must come to the field and buy it. In the new version simulator of farmers you will have a choice: buy at full price or take mission from the current owner of this field. After a successful completion on the field will operate a small discount.

The purchase field at full price
The owner in its missions may require you to fertilize, sow or plow on this or another field, or gather harvest and to bring him. Thus you will get your personal experience of a farmer and a small remuneration for their work.

The window with the job and value fields of farmer
For each field, owner issues a unique task. Before you begin, you will be shown all necessary information for the starting. There In the window you will be shown what technique and equipment will be required to complete the mission.

Carrying out these missions are limited in time, and this means that if you do not meet at the right time - the mission will fail.

From the farmers, which you perform tasks you deserve "respect". One farmer may have several fields, and if you pass successfully at least one mission, price on other fields for you will be reduced. If we get respect from all farmers, you can quickly expand your farm and save money.

Hope this article was useful and you learned a lot. But if bored to work and receive a pittance for the job, then you can download on our website and use Money Mod. This modification allows for a few seconds get millions of game currency.

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