Minecraft: Virtual reality

Virtual reality in Minecraft
In September 2015, the Oculus Rift Creator Palmer Luckey has said that virtual reality for Minecraft is likely to be implemented. And now, finally, we had more information about virtual reality in Minecraft. The staff of Mojang, Oculus, and Microsoft has been working on it.

According to the developers, they find it difficult to strike a balance between the new possibilities of virtual reality and the spirit of Minecraft. However, according to them, it all turned out that the player wearing Oculus Rift could quite safely play on a normal server, without experiencing any inconvenience.

Monsters should look intimidating...
But what is virtual reality in Minecraft? Of course, not all game features will work fine in a virtual reality. Ckear understanding of that fact is a large part of the development process. One of the main rules of the games in virtual reality is the complete absence of any movement of the screen, not provoked by the player. According to the developers, they spent many tens of hours of testing, letting testers virtual reality glasses and releasing them in the regular Minecraft world and... the results were not impressive. Regular Minecraft is just not designed for this purpose and even such simple things as movement of the screen when someone hits you, are not adapted for the Oculus Rift. Many testers felt natural nausea and dizziness when falling off a great height, and similar in-game actions.

Just imagine this in Oculus Rift
The developers had to change the mechanics of jumps, turns and swimming, as well as camera movement. Behavior of boats and trolleys also was changed. Some problems, however, were more unexpected. For example, that poorly lit cave made the player feel uncomfortable and even cause claustrophobia. The developers are trying to fix it. However, players still have some time to get used to moving the cursor using head movements, especially when interacting with objects.

Virtual temple
The developers also took great video showing the gameplay of Minecraft in the Oculus Rift. Already envy the happy owners of this device?

One thing is for sure: the feeling of playing normal Minecraft and playing it with Oculus Rift are two huge differences. The sense of height, distance, and even impressions from the meeting with a zombie or a skeleton in a dark cave - all this is very, very real and evokes entirely different emotions.

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 2016-03-04 09:33:20

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