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Today we have a really great news for all the Minecraft fans. Sources relevant to Minecraft's developers, said that very soon there will be a film on the universe of Minecraft! The filmmakers seriously and legitimately hope to surpass the success of the existing films in this category, such as LEGO the Movie and others.

At the moment there are no ready personnel or even ideas about how Minecraft suppose to look on the silver screen. Or, at least, they don't share all of this. Some conclusions can be drawn only from a few words spoken by the creators of the film:

"Minecraft would be part of a multiverse where humans can enter that has the feel of what the live action version of a Minecraft experience."
One would think that the next film will look similar to what we see in the game. However, now we see that it is untrue.

the Minecraft Movie
The developers of Minecraft, Mojang, actively participate in the process of creating the film and the producer of the upcoming blockbuster, Roy Lee, acknowledged that their assistance is quite helpful. And not surprising, after all, who is more familiar with the source material of the universe, than its creators?

Meanwhile, Mojang continues to develop and release updates for their game, which means that the production of Minecraft the Movie will be constantly synchronized with what materials the Swedish developers team are create. However, this will work in the opposite direction too - no doubt Mojang will use in the game the ideas developed in the production of the film.

The film director will be Rob Mcelhenny. Minecraft the Movie will be released by Warner Brothers.
The Minecraft movie will be focused on all age categories. The filmmakers try to create a show in the style of the latest Jurassic Park, that is really able to captivate audiences of all ages. However, at the moment it's only very vague plans and what we get in the end is not yet known.

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 2016-02-26 07:50:56

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