Best Minecraft mods: Life in the Woods

Life in the Woods
Players of Minecraft around the world every day creates a lot of great modifications for their favorite games. The quality of their creations vary from simple modifications from beginners to professional mods that completely change the essence of the original Minecraft. Into this category you can classify an extensive mod-pack called "Life in the Woods".

What is the Life in the Woods? This is an extensive modification changes a great many things in the game. You can start with the gorgeously redesigned graphics. Believe me, you've never seen Minecraft so beautiful. Don't believe? Then watch this video and you'll see for yourselves:

However, in addition to graphics a lot of gameplay elements has been changed as well, like mob spawn logic, the behavior of objects and characters. Added new recipes, monsters, plants, professions, even new interface elements - a complete set for a real explorer of new worlds in Minecraft.

Mod's author - a well-known streamer and blogger Phedran. Phedran received the inspiration for the creation of Life in the Woods, reading the works of American writer Henry David Thoreau, who, in addition to their ardent struggle against slavery in America, known for its work "Walden, or Life in the Woods". Not hard to guess that this book was influenced Phedran the most.

Life in the Woods mod for Minecraft
According to Phedran, she began to create original Life in the Woods while in difficult life situation, but as the situation improved and mod-pack turned out to be more and more popular, she changed the opinion about her work. And recently, Phedran and her team released the first multiplayer addition Life in the Woods: the Renaissance. Phedran says about it:

"Life in the Woods is still all about survival, exploration, and beauty, and there are new dangers to face, but the focus is now more than ever on creation, personal expression and discovery, and shaping the world around you, and now with multiplayer, while still holding true to your own ideals."
You can download Life in the Woods: Renaissance from our website along with a wide range of biomes and plants, new creatures, improved recipes, new crops and trees for farms, new fish to catch and new buildings.

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 2016-02-16 10:07:05

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