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Destiny in Minecraft

Destiny in Minecraft
There is a lot of Minecraft servers to suit every taste. A lot of things, ranging from recreating the actual buildings and landscape, to the meticulous construction of other famous games. We already told you about the GTA 5 map recreated in Minecraft. Now meet Destiny map in Minecraft!

Minecraft creator scandal

New scandal Minecraft
A new scandal broke out around Minecraft, but rather around its creator, Markus Persson, known as Notch, who became the latest victim feminist's attacks.

Sex in Minecraft

Sex in Minecraft
If you are a person and capable of experiencing human emotions and feelings, you, as a great many of YouTube users, would enjoy the new mod for Minecraft.

Minecraft triumphs over autism!

Minecraft helps autistic
In the Hunter Valley, two hours north of Sydney, the childrens, who are students of the Aspect Hunter school, play Minecraft. These children are the same active, bright and talkative as any normal children aged 8 to 11 years.

Minecraft: Virtual reality

Virtual reality in Minecraft
In September 2015, the Oculus Rift Creator Palmer Luckey has said that virtual reality for Minecraft is likely to be implemented. And now, finally, we had more information about virtual reality in Minecraft.

Minecraft the Movie

Official Minecraft poster
Today we have a really great news for all the Minecraft fans. Sources relevant to Minecraft's developers, said that very soon there will be a film on the universe of Minecraft!

Best Minecraft mods: Life in the Woods

Life in the Woods
Players of Minecraft around the world every day creates a lot of great modifications for their favorite games. The quality of their creations vary from simple modifications from beginners to professional mods that completely change the essence of the original Minecraft. Into this category you can classify an extensive mod-pack called "Life in the Woods".

The fall of LionMaker

Today we have for you not an ordinary news. And not even news, but a whole story. And everything about Minecraft and YouTube. Scandals, intrigue, investigation - everything that you love.

GTA 5 in Minecraft

GTA 5 in Minecraft
Minecraft players are usially so crafty that they never mess around whet it comes to build something in their favorite game. No matter how big this something is going to be. Throughout the years we have seen many amazing projects, such as the Red Castle from A Song of Ice and Fire, the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek universe, and even Minas Tirith from the Lord of the Rings. But what we want to tell you now, is really ambitious.

Minecraft for school

Minecraft Education Edition
Mincraft was originally conceived as a game that will somehow develop thinking and creative abilities of the player. It is quite obviously, and for those who still disagree we have an advice: take at least one thoughtful Minecraft play, thinking about what is and what's the purpose of conceived of different gameplay features.

Minecraft National Championship winner

Minecraft National Championship
A sensation occurred on the world's first big Mincraft tournament - Minecraft National Championship, which is held under the aegis of the Super League Gaming. The winner was ten-year Julien Wiltshire from Los Angeles, who won more than a thousand of their rivals from all over the United States, many of whom were much older and more experienced.

New content for the console versions of Minecraf

Title Update 31
Versions of Minecraft for PlayStation and Xbox consoles will soon receive a big update. The Twitter account of developer 4J Studios recently announced details of the upcoming Title update Update 31 (or TU31) for all console platforms

Minecraft toys

Minecraft world is so extensive, and the fan community is so large that over time, Mincraft could not get beyond virtual worlds. Yes, you heard right. A long time ago, there are a variety of constructors are executed in the style of Minecraft.

Minecraft Programming

The famous Swedish developers Mojang - the authors of one of the main masterpieces of the gaming industry in recent years, Minecraft - in cooperation with the portal created a fun and interactive course that explains the basics of programming in Javascript, in the style of an exciting vivid world of Minecraft.

Minecraft release on Nintendo Wii U

Minecraft: Wii U Edition
The rumors dsys thet PEGI - a European rating Agency, reported that the brand of Minecraft: Wii U Edition has been certified for release. The product rating is 7, same as all other console versions of Minecraft.

Minecraft Story Mode

Minecraft story mode
Telltale Games in collaboration with Mojang pleases fans of the game Minecraft wonderful news - the official Story Mod. It's a real adventure for crafters and pixel architects, sculptors and fans of indie games in a long time now-familiar and a little mundane world.