The whole new level of Minecraft with Minebored

Barging into the room full of strangers is not the best idea in real life, but is it in the world of Minecraft?

Minebored is a new tool created by the Minecraft community, which allows players on the PC to join more than 3,000 servers randomly. Just type in the address bar "" and click the "Refresh" button. Then Minebored quickly join you to a random available server. If you do not like the server that the program has found, simply go back and click the "Refresh" button again. This will allow Minecraft players to find more fun servers, which they never knew, and find more new friends in the game. It, also, an example of how the Minecraft community supports the game with new fresh ideas, mods and tools which even game developers from Mojang and their superiors from Microsoft isn't working on.

"The goal [with Minebored] is to be able to discover new servers — small, medium, and big — without ever leaving your launcher," says the Creator Minebored, a Reddit user Unsquarables. "It’s still in early beta, but works pretty well overall."

Minebored will be improved by adding new servers to the list. The project may even exclude some of the most famous servers, in order to give a chance to players to find more small servers. But this, of course, will require a lot of manual work of developers, since they have not added any automatic tools in their creation.

"We don’t currently have any way of submitting new servers to the database," writes Unsquarables. "But you can message me any new ones, and it will be added in the next update."

Finally, Minebored will get more functions in the future. For example, instead of "", which looking for just any random server, players will be able to use something like "" or "" to look for only pvp or only factions servers. In any case, all this requires a lot of work from the creators of the tool.

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 2016-04-06 06:39:04

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