Sex in Minecraft

Sex in Minecraft
If you are a person and capable of experiencing human emotions and feelings, you, as a great many of YouTube users, would enjoy the new mod for Minecraft.

For anyone who's even slightly familiar with the world of Minecraft, the very idea of creating a porn mod for this game will seem absolutely idiotic. Two pixel-square figures doing the dirty - it is unlikely that it would look exciting. However, this is what you can see in one of the increasingly popular video on YouTube. People like weird things. Just look for popular searches on Pornhub th verify, but the pixel porn? There are not many people with such a fetish, but who are we to judge? Fortunately or unfortunately, the Minecraft porn exists and we simply couldn't help tell you more about it.

So, what do we have? We have a porn mod for Minecraft and a video review of this mod from the German video blogger, which received about 3 million views already.

A huge number of views on this video, once again proves the validity of one of the fundamental rules of the Internet - The Rule 34. People will always want porn of any kind, including their beloved pixelated world of Minecraft. Because this video is just one of the many that you can easily find on YouTube.

Why would people be interested in something like this when the Internet is literally full of real porn? There's really nothing surprising, after all, the real pornography can be just too... adult for the Minecraft target audience. If we consider the question from this point of view, it becomes quite clear why sex in Minecraft has become such a popular trend on YouTube.

Wope we're hurt your psyche not too badly by this article. If you what to repair the damage, you can visit other pages of our website, such as page mods for Minecraft where you can find all (or almost all) a true fan of Minecraft could wish.

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 2016-04-28 10:27:23

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