Minecraft Story Mode

Minecraft story mode
Telltale Games in collaboration with Mojang pleases fans of the game Minecraft wonderful news - the official Story Mod. It's a real adventure for crafters and pixel architects, sculptors and fans of indie games in a long time now-familiar and a little mundane world. The developers went the unusual way and made pixel sandbox open world interesting quest with a complex plot. You have to put aside pick and explore dangerous dungeons, find the mystical Order of the Stone and save a fantasy world from oblivion - that is, to do what ought to do to the real heroes.

The characters in Mincraft story mod
One of the major innovations - the first time in the history of the game have the opportunity to choose the appearance of your character. Moreover, the plot will unfold in the company of a few good friends who have not yet time to have fun and amuse you during the passage. The game is the combat system, though not often used - the whole quest is quite lax, if not relaxing, and very atmospheric. Its nice and easy to pass. But the mode of construction is simplified to a minimum, but it can not be considered a disadvantage, because the aim of the developers to create a fun and exciting adventure, forcing the players to save the world. When saving the world, you do not have time to build a square-locks. The game will be available on Kraft familiar recipes, though not in every moment.

Zombies in Minecraft story mode
Among the shortcomings can be noted not too user-friendly interface and some linear development of the plot, although we can affect developments in several key elections. In addition, this story is just beginning and ahead of us waiting for another 4 full series. The result was a light and enjoyable game, designed to breathe new life into the familiar world.

You can purchase Minecraft Story Mod in the Steam store. It is available in versions for PC and consoles (PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360), as well as for mobile platforms Android and iOS. If you feel that such global changes are insufficient for a variety of your favorite game, you always can download more mods from our website.

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 2015-11-12 05:02:03

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