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Title Update 31
Versions of Minecraft for PlayStation and Xbox consoles will soon receive a big update. The Twitter account of developer 4J Studios recently announced details of the upcoming Title update Update 31 (or TU31) for all console platforms (PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Xbox One and Xbox 360), which gradually brings the console version of the game-sandbox to the capabilities of the PC version.

Full changelog for all platforms of PlayStation and Xbox is too large to cite it here completely. If you want to see its full version we advise you to visit the official Minecraft forum, where the logs are stored in safe and sound, and sometimes even sweeping with a broom and cleaned from dust.

The main good news about this update, is that with its release of Minecraft: Console Edition will be improved to version is equivalent to version 1.8.1 for PC, also known as the "Generous upgrade". This means that the console Minecraft has almost caught up with the main platform on which the Creator of the game Mojang is still testing the Combat update 1.9 Update, which is scheduled for release in early 2016. However, the reason for the progress of the console versions most likely is that the PC version of Minecraft has not been major updates in 2015.

So, just how does Minecraft TU31 so prevlikatel for console fans of the game? Of course, new content! The update adds to the game's flooded temples, protected montremy new Guard and old guard. Also, there are new biomes, such as savanna, Deep ocean, Plateau and others. Plus 20 new technical biomes. At the same time, the old biomes, like Jungles, Swamps, Plains, Steep Hills and the Ocean undergo significant changes.

the Update adds plenty of new content
New biomes means new units! The number of blocks available for use in the game, was increased by as much as 22 new unit, including a Wet sponge, slime Block, Red Sandstone, and others. Meanwhile, the collection's items also increased its size with the addition of new eggs to such monsters as Rabbit, Cesminica Edge and Guard. There are also some new variants of rabbits.

The changes were made and fishing. Now you can catch Salmon, Clown Fish and Glosser or treasure, such as Enchanted fishing Rod or even a Saddle. However, the chance to catch some stuff will not go away. The list of such lumber are rotting Flesh, Thread or Leather shoes.

Monsters, and hostile and friendly, also have some changes. The villagers had acquired several new professions, trading schemes, and the ability to harvest. By the way, beware of thunderstorms. Settler, which will get hit by lightning will turn into a witch!

Other changes to the monsters include Skeletons, which will now run from wolves Sheep, from which you can gather lamb and Children Zombies, which will be farm field of expertise. Also, with the Witch now you can get the Potion of Underwater Breathing, and Zombie Spinocellular will be a little less aggressive.

Monsters and the world will undergo significant changes
Another innovation was the Tutorial World for Minecraft: Console Edition. 4J Studios filled with many new opportunities and locations for study and learning. Was updated the sound of Cows, Cats and Cave Mushrooms.

Despite all these innovations Minecraft: Console Edition still lags behind the PC version of the game. For example, no Banners - decorative blocks that you can customize and paint different colors and paint schemes. Mojang is planning to add in the PC version of the game Boards that you can paint on a principle similar to the Banners. Let's hope that 4J Studios will add these features in future updates Minecraft: Console Edition.

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 2015-12-11 10:21:20

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