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Minecraft world is so extensive, and the fan community is so large that over time, Mincraft could not get beyond virtual worlds. Yes, you heard right. A long time ago, there are a variety of constructors are executed in the style of Minecraft. there are several types and in this article we will try to break them with all the covers that you could decide whether or not to purchase them to your child or yourself.

Lego Minecraft

Lego Minecraft
How could such a famous frim as Lego stay away and not to let their own interpretation of the universe Minecraft? Of course, this wouldn't be possible.

Lego Minecraft's, as well as all other toys of this world famous brand, very high quality. Each set contains a wide variety of details, from which you can collect not only what is depicted on the box, but generally anything. Also, the kit includes a pretty thick manual that describes the process of building up your own Minecraft landscape, with a number of options. In General, it is not very different in quality and, shall we say, interesting to build, from all the other Legos. All at the same consistently high level.

Lego, at the moment, released 10 different sets of Lego Minecraft. More details of the assortment you can view by clicking on official website the Lego. There you can download a PDF with detailed instructions for assembling each set.

Chinese Minecraft Toys

Chinese Minecraft toys
Many manufacturers of children toys from China (Bela, Doll, Mybabytoy and others) decided not to miss this chance to earn extra money on the world-famous brand. In their range there is a huge amount of sets, models and designers in one way or another connected with the Minecraft universe. As you can guess, their quality is significantly inferior to the designers of Lego's. But is it enough to justify so much big difference in price? Maybe not. Anyway, upon purchase of Lego bricks you will have to pay a certain amount just for the brand name that can not please everyone. Yes, the Chinese designers cheaper. There are more (although mostly due to the fact that the Chinese like to sell each model separately, but not whole sets), principle their Assembly is no different from peers, and the style of Minecraft is still well recognizable.

To acquire the Chinese developers of Minecraft, you can, for example, here.

designers Paper Minecraft

Minecraft Papercraft
You might not believe, but there are also paper toys, called Minecraft Papercraft. And, you may not believe it, they most fully reflect the spirit and style of Minecraft. In the finished state of them, they look almost exactly like virtual Minecraft. Besides, they are much cheaper. However, the disadvantages of them not too little. The first is the complexity of the assembly. Here paper Minecraft isn't compete even with Chinese designers, not to mention Lego. Your child really need a savvy to properly assemble or glue the constructor. Another disadvantage is the brittleness and fragility. Alas, even the thick cardboard is much more fragile than plastic. This disadvantage leads to the following: your child may not be so simple or so fun to play with this constructor. However, if you just want to build a beautiful landscape in the style of Minecraft, put it on a shelf and admire, Minecraft Papercraft will be the best choice.

Purchase Minecraft Papercraft you can, for example, here.

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