TOP 5 tractor mods for FS 2013

5 best tractors for Farming Simulator 2013
Dear friends, we want to offer you a collection of the most popular Farming Simulator 2013 mods for the last six months. This is a wonderful game that will allow you to plunge into the world of agriculture and private farming. You can grow wheat, rye, barley, to be the driver of tractor, harvester or other farm machinery. For anybody not a secret that in the core set of the game not too many models of tractors and to remedy this drawback, users often resort to using mods - download and install your favorite models, thereby expanding the possibilities of the game. We want to present you a small list of the most popular and in-demand agricultural machinery.

1st place - "K700-A Kirovets"

C700A Kirovets for Farming Simulator 2013  C700A Kirovets for Farming Simulator 2013
This Soviet monster is familiar to many - a real heavy duty machine that was used not only for agricultural work but also for many other purposes: construction, road, excavating and hauling artillery. You have a unique opportunity to ride on a Soviet legend. Don't miss it!

Download K700-A Kirovets mod for FS 2013

2nd place - "MTZ-1221"

MTZ 1221 for Farming Simulator 2013  MTZ 1221 for Farming Simulator 2013
Another well-known tractor. Produced by Minsk tractor plant. He is also very versatile and is often used in forestry and communal services, construction and industry.

Download MTZ-1221 mod for FS 2013

3rd place - "Goldoni Star 75"

Goldoni Star 75 for Farming Simulator 2013  Goldoni Star 75 for Farming Simulator 2013
This small Italian tractor very popular on our website - it is well-known in Europe: small and compact, very comfortable. Just happiness and will be riding it to his field or to maneuver on the farm, transporting small loads.

Download Goldoni Star 75 mod for FS 2013

4th place - "JCB Fastrac 3185"

JCB Fastrac 3185 for Farming Simulator 2013  JCB Fastrac 3185 for Farming Simulator 2013
Comfortable modern tractor of average power. Excellent traction, balanced features, nice design - all this makes the model such a well-known and popular all over the world. Play with it too!

Download JCB Fastrac 3185 mod for FS 2013

5th place - "Ford 8000"

Ford 8000 for Farming Simulator 2013  Ford 8000 for Farming Simulator 2013
Of field compact tractor the well-known firm with a great permeability. Can be used for various agricultural purposes. Will not leave anyone indifferent.

Download Ford 8000 mod for FS 2013

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