Farming Simulator 2013 update

Update for Farming Simulator 2013
Today we will tell you what's new includes version 2.1 for the widely known game Farming Simulator 2013. The main features of the game is the ability to manage the entire agro-industrial process directly in the first person, that is, to buy their own wheat, plowed fields, sow them, handle and harvest using tractors, seeding-machines, winnowing-machines, plows and other farm machinery. In addition the game has a serious economic base - you are invited to purchase equipment and pay for maintenance, buying grain and selling crop.

Cattle in Farming Simulator 2013
What kind of correction we see in this version of the game? The developers have added warning when loading unsupported 3d sound files, adds support display Retina display technology, added new skin for the GUI, modified support mods (especially in multiplayer mode). Also added support for dedicated server, support for 64-bit systems, the possibility of expanded multiplayer up to 16 players playing simultaneously. Added option to disable automatic selling of milk for additional game cards. Added parallel guide to all front loaders.

Tractor in Farming Simulator 2013
The update also includes many minor fixes and additions: improved mechanics of motion technology and improved character modeling system of particles, physics simulation is more stable, has significantly reduced the time of loading the game with mods, improved some of the sounds and weather effects, optimized performance of the console versions, improved the quality of shadows and grass behavior. Improved control of certain vehicles.
The update makes the game even more stable and efficient. Recommended to improve the quality of the game and, in particular, to improve the multiplayer and game modes. Themselves fashion you can always free to download from our site. We have different equipment and playing maps.

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 2015-11-12 11:06:57

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