Farming Simulator 2013 news

Farming Simulator 2013 HD textures

HD textures for FS 13
If you are a virtual farmer who knows all about how to make a tiny farm a real agricultural combine, providing food for a small town, but you are so used to amazing FS13 mods that can't play its sequel, Farming Simulator 2015. And outdated graphics of Farming Simulator 2013 disappoint you? Then we have simply great news: we found textures, improves the graphics in Farming Simulator 2013.

FS 2013 funny moments

Farming Simulator 2013 funny moments
How could we live in our cruel world without laugh? We love to laugh and so should you. That's why we decided to gather a collection of funny moments from Farming Simulator 2013 to slightly distract you from the processing of the next hectare of wheat.

Why Farming Simulator 2013 is better than 2015?

Farming Simulator 2013
The community of fans of the Farming Simulator game series, is a tranquil community of players who would never chase new releases, forgetting about the game, however good it may be, immediately after the release of the sequel. That's why older Farming Simualtor 2013 still successfully compete with its "big brother" Farming Simulator 2015.

Farming Simulator 2013 update

Update for Farming Simulator 2013
Today we will tell you what's new includes version 2.1 for the widely known game Farming Simulator 2013. The main features of the game is the ability to manage the entire agro-industrial process directly in the first person, that is, to buy their own wheat, plowed fields, sow them, handle and harvest using tractors, seeding-machines, winnowing-machines, plows and other farm machinery.

TOP 5 tractor mods for FS 2013

5 best tractors for Farming Simulator 2013
Dear friends, we want to offer you a collection of the most popular Farming Simulator 2013 mods for the last six months. This is a wonderful game that will allow you to plunge into the world of agriculture and private farming.