Why Farming Simulator 2013 is better than 2015?

Farming Simulator 2013
The community of fans of the Farming Simulator game series, is a tranquil community of players who would never chase new releases, forgetting about the game, however good it may be, immediately after the release of the sequel. That's why older Farming Simualtor 2013 still successfully compete with its "big brother" Farming Simulator 2015. the Main criterion by which players evaluate games of this kind (meaning not a game about growing potatoes and the soil fertilizer, and games with support for mods and a large community, creating these modifications) is the quantity and quality of game mods available for download and installation. And in this case, FS 2013, there are more than two years ' head start before FS 2015.

Old fans of the series not without a good reason claim that the FS 2015, after almost a year of existence, still does not have the same memorable, large and high-quality mods, like Farming Simulator 2013 has. Players complain that 99% of the mods for FS 2015 this is just retexturing existing models or adding new skins. Of course, this situation is depressing, especially considering the huge and chic mods for FS 2013 that adds huge maps, completely new model equipment and the like. Where to look for the reason for this? First, FS 2015 has much more better graphics than its predecessor. This makes the migration of existing configured and stable mods in a new game very non-trivial task. This undoubtedly scared off many modders. Second, with improved graphics, new mods that are possible are already being developed in the bowels of the secret workshops modernogo community, require a lot more time on production. Maybe you should just wait?

Farming Simulator 2015
On the other hand, some players, looking at such statements with a smile. They remember when to change the FS 2011 FS 2013 came many said exactly the same thing. Perhaps this is due to simple nostalgia, which causes the game, which needed quite a few dozen hours and in which not a few observers were detained, it was tons of fun. Other players don't believe in that modernogo community Farming Simualtor has a future, especially considering the fact that develop good quality content is hard work, requiring much time and effort, and this work is nothing but the thanks of the community, not paid.

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 2015-11-18 05:35:59

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