FS 2013 funny moments

Farming Simulator 2013 funny moments
How could we live in our cruel world without laugh? We love to laugh and so should you. That's why we decided to gather a collection of funny moments from Farming Simulator 2013 to slightly distract you from the processing of the next hectare of wheat. Lets get straight to the point:

We won't tell you that in this GIF, 'cause we don't need and torubles with law. See for yourself, if you like, of course.

What happens on the farm stays on the farm. Oh, if only tractors could talk!

You can find something beautiful everywhere. And the Hunter just did.

In this video you can see two ordinary rednecks moved from their tractors on the virtual ones to show real class to all of us computer geeks.

Here's a bit of alternative Farming Simulator 2013 gameplay we brought, bro. Check it out.

For today it, perhaps, all the Farming Simulator 2013 funny moments. If you too have such content, then why not share it with others in comments? Motherland will not forget you!

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 2016-01-22 04:48:11

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