Farming Simulator 2013 HD textures

HD textures for FS 13
If you are a virtual farmer who knows all about how to make a tiny farm a real agricultural combine, providing food for a small town, but you are so used to amazing FS13 mods that can't play its sequel, Farming Simulator 2015. And outdated graphics of Farming Simulator 2013 disappoint you? Then we have simply great news: we found textures, improves the graphics in Farming Simulator 2013.

Of course, this mod-pack is not doing some incredible miracles, but it, nevertheless, significantly improves graphics in the game, making plants, landscapes and the graphic itself more expressive and realistic. Make your Farming Simulator 2013 more comfortable and relevant to modern conceptions of graphics in computer games.

Intrigued? Then what are you waiting for? We've already added this mod to our website, you just have to click on this link and download it. By the way, on our site you can easily find not only this particular mod-pack but a huge number of Russian mods for Farming Simulator 2013. In them you will find a huge amount of Russian equipment like KAMAZ and ZIL, and also large and detailed Russian maps.

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 2016-02-18 04:41:51

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