Huge discount on FS 2013

80% Discount on Farming Simulator 2013
Time-tested classics always remains worthwhile, even years after its release. And so it happened with Farming Simulator 2013!

Huge fan base (for the game in this genre, of course), thousands and thousands of the coolest mods and true fount of unique gaming experience - all this is about Farming Simulator 2013. If you ask an old fan of the series: "What game of the Farming Simulator series is the best?", it is likely you will be answered that the best game in the series is Farming Simulator 2013, not its more modern sequel. You might ask why? Of course for nostalgia! And for high quality mods, of course.

And now, as part of the Steam summer sale, there is available a stunning discount on Farming Simulator 2013. You wouldn't believe, but it's 80%! You can buy this great game, with lots of opportunities, dynamic and active community, thousands of mods for FS 13 and so on, only for $3.99! The discount will be available until July 4, 2016, so don't miss this unique opportunity!

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 2016-06-27 10:25:21

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