The fall of LionMaker

Today we have for you not an ordinary news. And not even news, but a whole story. And everything about Minecraft and YouTube. Scandals, intrigue, investigation - everything that you love.

This story began on 21 December 2015, when popular YouTuber LionMaker (real name Marcus Wilton) has posted via his Twitter account porn pics of his underage fan. "I have fooled all of u and have made plenty of money while doing it," said an explanatory tweet following the photos. The following tweet has further added fuel to the fire, saying that from the moment when the girl in the photo was 15 "her and I have had several sexual exchanges on Skype."

Soon after those tweets were deleted, but many people still managed to see them, including other young fans of our poor Marcus. As you know Minecraft is very popular among young players, so the primary audience Marcus are minor children. But lets keep to the story.

Here it is
LionMaker originally from Belgium. His main occupation is creating gaming videos for his more than 600-thousand audience of young subscribers. His adventures in the vast world of Minecraft have been viewed over 200 million times. If you go to his channel and watch a couple videos, you'll notice many similarities in the style and format of video with other mega-popular online video blogs, for example with Pewdiepie's channel. However, LionMaker makes his content in a slightly more saccharine manner.

Most of the time LionMaker, like most of his colleagues, playing and meeting with fans overlooked in the game (in this case Minecraft), and hang in group chats via Skype. Those who participated in these Skype conferences can confirm that Marcus often departs from his usual manner of communication with fans. In them, he can easily start to grovel about their emotional issues and imbalances, as well as to begin to aggressively talk about people who somehow annoy him. Of course the points never get into the official LionMaker's video on YouTube.

But back to the topic. A young girl, whose nude photos were uploaded via LionMaker's Twitter known online as "Paige Thepanda". At the moment her family participate in the police proceedings against LionMaker. They are convinced that Marcus meanly took advantage of the girl. "You have no idea how badly she has been affected," said one of the family members of the girl, who asked to remain anonymous. "She is utterly brainwashed. All we want is to protect her and keep her from meeting up with him, but we can’t watch her all the time."

However, this is not the first case in which LionMaker was included, but let's start in order:

Little Shentel

The LionMaker
Twelve-years old Chantel Wiseman began to communicate with LionMaker in 2014, according to her mother, Susie Wiseman. Chantelle and Marcus messaged when they felt alone and talked about their life. "normal kid stuff," said the girl's mother. Indeed, at the beginning the 52-year-old woman was not particularly against the fact that her daughter talks to someone on the Internet (otherwise she would have been paranoid, right?). However, on the night of June 12, 2015 LionMaker, according to Susie, asked her daughter to send him her naked pictures. Here is how it went down, according to the woman:

LionMaker at first communicated with Chantel through personal messages on Twitter, then asked her to write to him in Skype and "don't tell anyone about it."

A little scared by a strange request, Chantelle ran down the stairs of their home in Sweden to tell the mother what was going on. "My kids are well trained about online safety, and when LionMaker asked Chantelle ‘not to tell anyone about the conversation’, that was an immediate warning," says Susie. She intervened in the situation and began to communicate with LionMaker, identifying herself as Chantelle 's mother. LionMaker, apparently believing that Chantel just pretending to be her mother, asked: "So you fake ur mom all the time?", then added: "Can you send me Nudes?"

After that, Susie Wiseman was sure LionMaker intentionally preys on young immature minds under the guise of his fame, to lull their vigilance. "He’s a predator. There’s no dad in my daughter’s life, and she’s nice and vulnerable. He sits, he watches his prey and he pounces"

By the way Chantelle Wiseman is not the only juvenile that allegedly was "attacked" by LionMaker that night.

Stephen Chinks, 16-year-old Minecraft fan from California, USA, who began to personally communicate with LionMaker when he was 15, also said that he had a conversation with Marcus, that had a sexual subtext.

"LionMaker is very good at making people feel sympathy for him,” - said Stephen. “I used to go through serious depression, and he’d tell me that he had the same feelings. We would say gay things and joke around, but that was just acting like two really good bros, you know? Even when I wasn’t joining in, he would constantly say inappropriate things, that he was going to barge into my house and rape me. I was creeped out, but I didn’t think anything too much of it."

On June 12, the night of the incident with Chantel Wiseman, Stephen was offered $500 for for full-frontal, naked images of himself, by LionMaker. Stephen refused, but only after LionMaker transferred the money via Pay-pal.

let's see

Two real bro
Initially, Mrs. Wiseman, her daughter and other Minecraft players who knew her, could not believe that LionMaker could participate in something like that. Most of the fans of the blogger explained this behavior by the fact that their idol had simply been hacked. Of course, the next day Marcus began to say that it wasn't him, that he was hacked by a blackmailer and he spent the night in a prison cell for some crime.

Soon, however, outraged Chantel's mother found many inconsistencies in the story told by Marcus, and even take it all to the police. However most fans still believe in the story of the hacking account (which, incidentally, is quite possible). This whole situation has caused a great response in the YouTube community. The unfortunate Marcus showered with so much justified and well-grounded accusations that at some point in his Twittere appeared posts suicidal content. Now, however, all but things have cooled down. No charges on lack of evidence and bureaucratic difficulties (all the same and the "victim" and "offender" live in different countries and on different continents), Marcus was not presented. He continues to let his videos, even without losing subscribers, albeit with a badly tarnished reputation.

Of course you can decide who to believe and who not. But isn't it so interesting to watch such dramas, in the intervals between the attacks the creeper? The Internet certainly has a lot to love!

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