Minecraft Gear VR Edition now avaliable!

Minecraft: Gear VR Edition
Virtual reality in Minecraft is available now with the release of Minecraft: Gear VR Edition!

If all you've ever dreamed to do in a virtual reality is to take your pixel pickaxe and smash up some zombie's heads, then your lucky day has come! Minecraft is available to play using the Oculus Rift or Samsung VR headset!

VR-version of the game called Minecraft: Gear VR Edition, but essentially it's still the same Minecraft Pocket Edition redesigned to play it with in VR using Samsung or Oculus devices. To use Smasung VR you will also need a recent smartphone Galaxy S-series.

VR-version of Minecraft includes all of the content from Pocket Edition, including game modes, skins and multiplayer options. You can play it in the full VR using the first person view or use "theatre view", where your virtual avatar sitting in a large auditorium and playing the game on a giant screen.

Already have experience of playing Minecraft in virtual reality? Then share it in the comments below! And after that, check out our collection of mods for Minecraft, where you can find everything you need to a real fan of Minecraft!

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 2016-05-04 08:59:31

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