MInecraft 1.9.4 Update

New Minecraft update 1.9.4
The new version of Minecraft 1.9.4 is available!

The previous version of Minecraft 1.9.2 was released recently. We barely had a chance to chek out the changes of the previous update, and now there is another one! Nice to see that the developers are not sitting idly by. However in this update didn't come up with a lot of changes. Most of them improved game's performance and solved some global FPS subsidence issues. Read more about the changes below.

Many users for a long time supplied the developers with comprehensive information about bugs. Update 1.9.4 has corrected a large number of problems found by players. Overall performance was also improved. The amount of used memory consumed by both the client and server version of the game has been reduced in this new update.

But it's not all, of course. Below you can see the full list of changes:

  • Server memory usage was optimized.
  • Cache utilization was optimized.
  • Memory used when caching biome was reduced.
  • Behavior of some monsters and NPC was reconfigured and improved .
  • Small changes in the external regeneration of the world.
  • New command "/stopsound".
  • Removed "herob" (whatever that means).
We look forward to further development of our favorite games. But in the meantime take a look at our page with alot of mods for Minecraft, where you will find the best creations of modders from around the world, virus scanned, sorted and available for download without registration.

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 2016-05-17 06:41:24

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