Minecraft in China

Minecraft for China
Microsoft is going to make Minecraft available for users in China.

The American computer giant, along with the creators of Minecraft, the Swedish developer Mojang, has signed a five-year contract with a major Chinese media firm NetEase for the supply of PC and mobile versions of Minecraft in China. At the moment the sales start date is unknown.

We used to see how international game's creators adapting their titles for China and Chinese culture and it is not surprising that the owners of Minecraft, together with its Chinese partners intend to do so. Representatives of the companies declare that they are going to make "a version of Minecraft tailored for the Chinese market". It is not entirely clear what that means, but probably in this version of the game you can see the Chinese symbols and the style in buildings, landscape, and characters.

Minecraft has a hundred million of users even without the Chinese market, and imagine what will be the result when it will get access to 650 million Chinese Internet users? Imagine how many new mods for Minecraft will be immediately released on the Internet?

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 2016-05-20 10:31:05

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