Destiny in Minecraft

Destiny in Minecraft
There is a lot of Minecraft servers to suit every taste. A lot of things, ranging from recreating the actual buildings and landscape, to the meticulous construction of other famous games. We already told you about the GTA 5 map recreated in Minecraft. Now meet Destiny map in Minecraft!

Cosmodrome from Destiny in Minecraft
Destiny is a MMOFPS from Bungie, which is a dynamic mixture of Call of Duty, Borderlands and World of Wacraft. Imagine this combination? Great MMO, with PVP, raids and mob farming, great graphics, dynamic gameplay and an interesting plot. It is a pity that you can play it only on consoles. However, this article isn't about that.

Player infered5 aim to recreate the creation of Bungie's in the blocky world of Minecraft and we must say that it all going pretty well so far! Check out this video, there you will see a fully recreated locations Tower and Cosmodrome.

"We have the Cosmodrome built from the Steppes to the Divide, through the breach and through the Devils Lair, nothing Mothyards and beyond is made," - reports infered5. - "The Moon was made with worldpainter as a proof of concept, but has no underground areas. Very bland. The Cosmodrome was built by hand and has much more detail. The Tower and Reef are built in their entireties."

Test the server you can here. On this server you will not even need mods for Minecraft - there will be something to do even without them!

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 2016-05-30 09:58:48

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